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What is Yoga after all?
Yoga is a science of human personality which includes carious aspewcts such as the Physical, Phisiological, emotional, behaviourial, environmental, and social. It is a very efficient system of postural and breathing exercises which promotes the health and vigour of the skeletal as well as deep seated smooth muscled and the organs contained in the thorasic and abdominal cavities. These techniques have great preventive, curative, restorative, and relaxative values.

What is the goal of Yoga?
It may be said that the goal of Yoga is to bring about a complete harmony within the indvidual. It is a state of seperation from misely and sorrow. A state of silence and peace.

What is the minimum period one must undergo to derive benefits from Yoga?
A Sadhaka (Student of Yoga) must undergo Basic Yoga training for a period of 3 months in order to properly derive the benefits and condition the mind and body for advanced practices.

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